About Creo

Creo is an SAE Institute Australasia Library service whose purpose is to collect, preserve, and provide perpetual access to the Institute’s research, scholarship, creative works, and associated academic intellectual property.


  • provides 24/7 online access to SAE Institute Australasia’s intellectual outputs to local and global communities;
  • increases the global visibility of SAE Institute Australasia’s intellectual outputs on Google, Google Scholar and other search engines;
  • provides a location from which researchers, authors and creators may publish and make accessible their scholarly and creative works. It assists in meeting requirements mandated by many funding agencies around sponsored works and open-access archiving; and
  • provides a location for the storage and sharing of learning and teaching materials used at SAE.

Submissions to Creo are facilitated via online submission or by contacting SAE Institute Australasian Library personnel when online submission for a publication is unavailable. Candidature for deposit includes faculty scholarly and creative works; student scholarly and creative works; Institute published materials including master classes, course readings, and conference proceedings; educational materials generated in the creation or review of a course; resources created or captured for use in learning and teaching.

The current collection development priorities for Creo are:

  • faculty scholarly and creative works, including articles, lectures, presentations and performances, grey literature, books, book chapters, etc.;
  • student scholarly and creative works, including project exemplar works, and works completed and performed outside of the Institute;
  • educational materials created for use within SAE courses;
  • conference proceedings, special presentations, including master classes hosted, sponsored or affiliated with SAE Institute Australasia.

SAE Institute Australasia Library reserves the right to accept or reject all content submitted to Creo. All deposited works must have copyright clearance.

Ethics Policy
Works stored within Creo must align with the ethical and integrity standards outlined in SAE Institute Australia’s Academic Integrity and Code of Conduct policies. Decisions on accepting or rejecting works submitted to Creo are made in alignment with these policies and in conjunction with the Australian Library and Information Association professional ethics and the Australian Society of Archivists code of ethics. Works stored within Creo may contain elements that may be offensive or disturbing to some users. All efforts are made to advise users of such content before accessing it. If you have questions or concerns about any content accessible via Creo, please email SAE Institute Australasian Library.

Privacy Policy
See here for more information.

Terms of Use
All SAE staff and student works stored and made accessible by SAE Institute Pty Ltd via Creo are done so under the governance of SAE Institute Australia's Intellectual Property Policy.

In the instance of an SAE staff member submitting works to Creo completed as part of their private professional practice and not as part of their employment with SAE Institute, staff agree to submit these works under a non-exclusive licence, under the conditions outlined in section 6.2.c in SAE Institute Australia's Intellectual Property Policy.

Rights to Reuse
Creo is open to metadata harvesting. When utilising harvested content, please include a URL link to the full-text (or equivalent) on Creo. Please do not place a copy of the full-text (or equivalent) into your database. This preserves the integrity of Creo and the rights of its authors.

For more information, questions or concerns, please email SAE Institute Australasian Library.
You can also find additional information by visiting Creo's FAQ page.