Elizabeth Bognar


Isabelle Faulkner (Director, animator, character designer), Elizabeth Bognar (Background artist), Michael Wellings (Music/FX producer), Silas O'Reilly (Screenwriter, storyboard artist), Kate Grubelich (Colour artist assistance).

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Moving Image (e.g. animations, movies, television programs)

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182.7MB; 2:15 min.


Papercuts is a 2D animation that follows the friendship of two children, Naomi and Kiyo, as they make paper cranes together. They soon become competitive with each other, which causes conflict between the two friends. After Naomi gets hurt, they both realise that their friendship is more important than their competitiveness, and decide to mend their relationship. These backgrounds are used throughout the animation in order to demonstrate the tone of the scene as the characters undergo their conflict and make amends. This is created through the use of colour and value, which can be seen shifting from warm to cool, and back to warm throughout the continuation of the scenes. Additionally, the backgrounds allow for the setting of the animation to be established, which takes place in a Japanese inspired home and garden. The peacefulness and tranquility of the home is juxtaposed with the conflict of the characters as the animation takes place.


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Bognar, Elizabeth. (2020). Papercuts [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.