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The project was undertaken during my time volunteering at the 4zzzFM community radio station as an audio engineer doing live sound for the show “Right Here Right Now”. The show itself involves broadcasting local bands from brisbane playing a live set in the 4zzz studio for around 30-45mins and goes to air every tuesday at 6pm. As an engineer on the show I was responsible for either setting up the live room with mics and doing line checks or live mixing the bands as they were being broadcasted on the show. This transformed into my capstone project as a I realised that I had the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my skills as an audio engineer on a large project with a wide range of content that would test the skills learned during my degree and demonstrate my capabilities to potential employers and industry professionals. This then transformed over the course of 12 weeks into the project being presented today, a 21 track compilation album of local brisbane bands recorded performing live sets at 4zzz which has been released exclusively to 4zzz subscribers as an incentive to donate to the station and will continue to be released as a subscriber benefit in its future iterations, therefore guaranteeing the longevity of the project. - Creator.


Izaac Wilson: Live Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Alex Ross: Live Engineer

Lachy Gleeson: Live Engineer

Artists featured on the album: Arige, Asha Jefferies, Georgia Rose, Jared Plant and the Dawn Revelry, Jim’s Panache, JO.L, Kayso Grande, Lalka, Milton Mango, Andrea Kirwin, Anisa, Apeman, CAKES, Elder, G Elenil, June Low, L Flora, Port Royal, Stray Dog Saviours, Rebel Yell, RDGR.

Track Listing:

Andre Kirwin - Mary Go Round


Apeman - Bananas

Aridge - Mama Said

Asha Jefferies - If you were my hero

Cakes - Parkour

Elder - If the city was a breeze

G Elenil - Same Here

Georgia Rose - Never Special

Jared Plant - Crusty

Jim's Panache - Drag

JO.L - Fire and Ash

June Low - I wanna get high

Kayso Grande - Love Science

L Flora - What's My Name

Lalka - Shut Up

Milton Man Gogh - Fork in a world of soup

Port Rpyal - Dirty Boy

RAHMS - Dawn Apprehension

Rebel Yell - Human Transaction

Stray Dog Saviours - You Can't Do That


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



Recommended Citation

Wilson, I. (2018). Right Here Right Now [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.