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A group of three audio students (in alphabetical order; Adam Timol, Claire Protas and Sam Mansfield) formed a collective in the service of the game studios at SAE/Quantm.

By pooling their collective time, resources, skills and experience APUG produced more and better audio assets than any one of them could have by working alone.

What made the project unique was that most of the collective did not play video games. Therefore, they were not steeped in the clichés that gamers would be influenced by and were able to bring a refreshing perspective to the medium.

APUG took on the responsibility of producing the music, SFX, atmospheres, foley and dialogue. There was a total of almost 200 assets produced (excluding variations).


Note: Audio only.

Credits and Contributions:

Design - Dual Creative - Harley Ryan and Dean Murdoch (Logos, Website, Business Cards)

Games Students - Audio Representatives Giving Feedback

Matt Young - CarnEvil

Brayden Beavis - Peach Ridge

Lachlan Kell - The Labours

Solomon Hartmann - Crimson Keep

Mohammad Al Rida - Cyneon

James Gareski - The Second Coming

Voice Overs:

Sophie Ward (CarnEvil)

Peter Beamish (CarnEvil)

Lachlan Kell (Labours)

Aidan Kwong (Labours)

Sam Mansfield (All Excluding Peach Ridge)

Foley Assistants

Rhyse Keir (Minor Liaison Work for Crimson Keep)

Liam Cahill (Foley Knight Artist for Crimson Keep)

External Music:

Jean Paul Vernon (One Song for CarnEvil)


Jordan Stevens


General (G) - suitable for everyone



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Mansfield, S., Protos, C., Timol, A. (2018). APUG [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.