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Our world has come to an end as nuclear warfare has taken over our planet. The human race will not survive for much longer in the toxic wasteland. The survival of humanity depends on 4 travellers in search of a new planet to continue the human species.

The 4 Travellers stumble upon a promising planet. They decide to scout out the planet to make sure there aren't any threats to the human race to survive. After a few days they start to notice unusual movement and start to have a bad feeling about the planet as if they are not alone

They soon find out this planet is not safe and they are living amongst an alien species who are not too keen on the idea of us being on their planet. A battle soon breaks out and the 4 travellers find themselves in the middle of a war outbreak in which they have to fight to survive!

The travellers barely manage to escape the planet with battle scars to prove it as they enter space again to continue their search for a planet to live on.


The Chaology Saga Track Listing:

1. Revelation (Chapter I)

2. Arrival (Chapter II)

3. Discovery (Chapter III)

4.The Expedition (Chapter IV)

5. First Contact (Chapter V)

6. Requiem (Chapter VI)

7. Disorder (Chapter VII)

8. Survival (Chapter VIII)

9. Departure (Chapter IX)


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



Recommended Citation

Curtis, B., Dubbelman, B., Henry, O., & Staszak, T. (2019). The Chaology Saga [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.