Rhythm Hunter [Game]


Lucky Hawton

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Windows 10, Unity 2018.2.11, Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.8.4, Aseprite v.1.2.9


Rhythm Hunter is a challenging rhythm input game that incorporates a combat and crafting system. Using a combination of pre-existing rhythmic input systems such as 5 Vertical Lane note input system synonymous to Guitar Hero and a pointer input system synonymous to Osu! Rhythm Hunter at its core is a rhythm input game that uses a presentation of a combat system as a framing device. Visually the main game screen is presented as if it were a rail shooter mixed with rhythm game, where the player will shoot at an enemy or press keys in time with the music.


This was a solo project created by Lucky Hawton

As stated within the scope document, due to this project utilizing purchased 3rd Party assets, this Project’s form of publishing will be done via showcase. It will be exhibited at the SAE Fuse Collective Exhibition Night, it has also been exhibited at the Perth Games Festival 2018 and Playup Perth #15. The game has also received media coverage by Game Cloud.


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes




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Recommended Citation

Hawton, L. (2018). Rhythm Hunter [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.