Blade Te Aho (Production Design, Gaffer), Sarah Harris (Actor), Matt Crook (Actor), Jeremy Pickett (Actor), Madi Kate (Actor), Joanne Da Silva, Ashleigh Rickard (Make-Up and Hair), Ema-Lee Jones MacDonald (Slate), Chelsea Slingers (First Assistant Camera, Gaffer), Aiden Thomas (Gaffer), Jesse Smith (Production, Sound Recorder, Post-Production Sound Mixer), Raine Van Dyle (Music Composer, Vocalist, Sound Design), Nikolai Lieutier (Music Composer).

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Moving Image (e.g. animations, movies, television programs)

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166MB; 11:22 min


Live cinema has taken the world by storm, an exclusive, interact cinema where the audience can participate in the film. It’s so popular it has even lowered crime! However, not stopping one man. Nico Lanter is caught in his home, after murdering three people. He shows no sign of guilt or remorse during his trial after being sentenced to death under three counts of murder, and is therefore taken to see the psychologist within the prison he’s sent to. Nico finds a mass of video tapes scattered around the room with prisoner numbers on them, finding it quite...odd. The psychologist promises to free Nico, proving it’ll be easy by exhibiting two almost magic like tricks. The psychologist tells Nico to close his eyes as he counts to three. As Nico opens his eyes, he sees a change of scenery around him, though doesn’t realise he’s trapped within a film on the T.V screen. A new live cinema film is released, crime rate is lowered.


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Hearn, A., Jones MacDonald, E., Slingers, C., Smith, J., & Snelleksz, N. (2019). Three Counts [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University College]. Creo.