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Amethyst Lane, cold and reserved, wakes up to find herself in an office-like setting. Dominic, fit as a fiddle for his age, gives her a leaflet introducing her to “Friend-in-Me Inc. : A place for lost souls to find their forever home”. Behind the leaflet reads : Personal Questionnaire.

He tells her that she has to earn her stay by reaping souls, if not she will be banished into The Inbetween, where lost souls wander in the darkest, most terrifying and haunting, borderless maze for eternity. If she manages to fill in the Personal Questionnaire, however, she will then be able to move on the reincarnation/afterlife where she can finally rest in peace


Cast and Contributions:


Kieran Mulholland: Milo Giovanni

Darcie Azzam: Amethyst

Paul Walemkap: Dominic

Bryan Hong: Shadow Man 1, Dead Man 1

Regina Wong: Shadow Man 2, Dead Man 2

Ian Abarca: Dead Man 3

Ava Knight: Dead Man 4

Joal Plummer: Dead Man 5

Morgan Dyson: Dad in Photo


Regina Wong: Director

Evelyn Rojas Gomez: Producer

Morgan Dyson: Executive Producer

Ian Abarca: Director of Photography

Bryan Hong: Slate, First Assistant Director, Writer

Samson Damondo: Editor

Ava Knight: Continuity, Data Wrangle

Art Department:

Ava Knight: Set Designer

Regina Wong: Assistent Set Designer, Set Painter

Bryan Hong: Costume Designer

Kieth Seah: Graphic Designer

Jacoba Lee: Canvas Painter

Special Effect Makeup Artist & Special Effect Prop Artists: Bella Morrow, Qui Harms, Tench Beaumont

Animation by Phillip Nguyen

Audio Department:

Joel Plummer, Kaine Evans, Jarrod Lockwood, Joel Plummer, Sasha Sclater, Chris Gardiner, Chutwat Thammachat(Arm), Zenya Augustin, Matthew Skinner, Sam Curti, Jesse Laurie, Morgan Dyson, Stefan Radanovich

Location Sponsored by Johnny Ma Studios

Special Thanks: Johnny Ma, Declan, Steve Browne, Athina Hilam (Samson's Friend)

Emotional Support Animals: Tsjháarbeyii, Keei Kun, Swoose, Goofy.


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Abarca, I., Damando, S., Gardiner, C., Gomez, E.R., Hong, B., Knight, A., & Wong, R. (2022). Posthumous Forgiveness [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.