Sad King Billy's TikTok Universe


Julian Peet


Cody Roberts (3D artwork on NFT "Elements : Runneth", Video Editing consultant on TikTok channel, web design for, Emilia Peet (Videography and Video Editing on "Storytime with Sad King Billy" TikTok videos), Shaun Leddell-Jennings (Bass Guitar on "Don't Come Back" and "Lately"live sessions on TikTok channel), Tyler Ray Michie (Drums on "Don't Come Back" and "Lately"nlive sessions on TikTok channel).

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SKB's TikTok Universe is the central nucleus of everything Sad King Billy. A place where I will create, repurpose, explore and share all aspects of SKB. SKB is the artist, producer, engineer and musician behind the creations I have and continue to work on. SKB is stylistically an accumulation of musical and artist influences that is spread across the realms of music, written fiction, film and sound design with visual and sonic bent that draws from vintage science fiction and but not limited to alternative rock. The TikTok universe aims to create a community of appreciators that will engage with SKB content and be shown pathways into different platforms to further explore the wider SKB universe. All content within the TikTok universe will be created specifically for TikTok, exploring song, production, engineering, art, analysis, creativity and performance. These videos will run in tandem with the wider scope of SKB's music releases, collaboration, products and promotion for a future album release.


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Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



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Peet, B. (2022). Sad King Billy's TikTok Universe [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.