Found Footage [Game]

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In the small town of Hawkes Hill lay an office building that was abandoned long ago after a string of strange disappearances and odd occurrences. For years the building has been at the centre of local folklore and late night campfire tales, and no one has dared approach out of fear of what lies there. Until a film crew overhears those tales. Desperate for something new, this crew sets out, with the intention of sending the new kid on the crew in to the building to capture footage. Little did they know that the tales could only capture so much of the real horror that lies there...

Found Footage is a short, 1st person horror game that uses psychological elements to create a focused, intense experience. Experience a seemingly abandoned office in an attempt to uncover the truth.


Found Footage crew and contributions

Corey Shepherd: project lead, level design, asset sourcing, programming lead

Stephen Willadsen: Menus

Callum Gurney: 3D Character Artist.


Restricted (R 18+) - high impact language/themes, includes vilification, extreme language/violence, restricted to adults



Recommended Citation

Gurney, C., Shepherd, C., & Willadsen, S. (2019). Found Footage [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.