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Logline: Exploring different spaces, with different performances, what is holding space?

Holding Space, is an anthology film, approximately ten minutes long, and will be available for audiences to watch online.

This project is a short film consisting of a series of different works, using a diverse group of mediums and crafts. There will be short dance and performance works which will evolve into a cohesive body of work capturing complexities, textures, and relationships in an endeavour to question, unsettle and expose basic assumptions of how we occupy space—for space, after all, is critical in our lives: it affects the way we live, move and interact with each other.

Art comes from experimentation. The nature of the camera, with its capacity for close-up and tracking, invites an investigation similar to choreographic manipulation. The language of cinema offers a fluid and extraordinary way of playing with space and time. - Creator.


Holding Space: Credits and Contributions

Writer & Director:


Production Manager:

1st Assistant Director:

2nd Assistant Director:

Director of Photography:

1st Assistant Camera: Bec Truong

Gaffer: Kyle Porter

Continuity: Rhianon Wilcock

Casting Director: Angela Stamatiou

Art Director: Annarita Palozzo

Assistant Production Design: Chantelle Japardi

Hair & Makeup: Rujika Sapkota

Choreographer: Neve Tobin



Lead Animator:

Graphic Designer:


Audio Engineers: Luke Pierce & Taylor Sheahan

Ttitles & Credits: Kyle Porter

Marketing Director: Kenan Celik

Marketing Assistant: Angela Do

BTS Photography | Video: Liam Upfold-McCallum

Crowdfunding Editor: Julian Prassumiwi


Directionless: Jemma Mitsias

Emptiness: Harrison Smith

Voices Part 2: Amy Bloink, Charlotte Murdoch Evans, Holly Redfern, Ryan Buenaventura, Yasmin Khan

Heavy Hit: Hugo Rumore

Voices Part 3: Abby Johnstone, Amy Bloink, Amelia Conway, Charlotte Murdoch Evans, David Green, Holly Redfern, Skye Butcher, Yasmin Khan

Talk to me: Amy Bloink, Abby Johnstone, Charlotte Murdoch Evans, David Green, Yasmin Khan


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Dwyer , H., Tobin, N., & Truong, B. (2020). Holding Space [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.