In The Dark [Game]


Cindy Li (Character Artist), Ellen Henderson (Artist, UI Elements).

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Unity (Download game from Itch or Project Repo)


Tatsu was just a girl when the raiders came to her village. A renegade clan of ninjas who had abandoned all honour in pursuit of wealth. Her story should have ended that night, in the bloodied mud beside her parents, save for the mercy of one man, an old ninja who saw his dead daughter when he looked at her. His sentiment saved her life, saw her trained in the arts of ninjutsu and inducted into the very renegade clan that ended her first life.

However Tatsu has a secret. Unbeknownst to her savage peers she has rediscovered the lost art of the Mudras, mystical chi channeling attacks capable of strengthening her body or even forcing her will beyond her own meagre frame.

This lost art will allow Tatsu to fulfil her most secret ambition, vengeance for the parents her masters believe she left behind in the mud of her burning village, no matter who she must face to see it done. - Creator.

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InThe Dark [Game] By Pixel Box

James Bishara: Programmer

Michael O'Driscoll: Programmer

Myles Okorn: Design

Josh Craig: Design

Target Audience:

Considering the level of difficulty and the violence involved the age bracket for In The Dark we aim for are players 18 years or older. In The Dark looks to provide players with a fantasy feel, a narrative to follow, challenging encounters and a little bit of exploration.

In The Dark available on PC, available on


Restricted (R 18+) - high impact language/themes, includes vilification, extreme language/violence, restricted to adults




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Recommended Citation

Bishara, J., O'Driscoll, M., Okorn, M., & Craig, J. (2020). In The Dark [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.