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Shattered Mural scrutinises the overwhelming anxious feeling of expressing yourself and your art to an audience in fear of rejection and acceptance.

Harry is a 65 year old seasoned painter who is showcasing his artwork for the first time and is intimidated by the young crowd whose new way of art fills him with self-doubt.

Harry's daughter Ellie cracks into their past relationship as he witnesses the tragedy of the situation within his own mind, and he unravels into a state of despair after getting a glimpse of what his creative identity could be.

Harry's inability to award himself with success bewilders his judgement of the audience around him. therefore exploring the themes of self-expression, fear, mental illness, isolation, and generational differences.


Shattered Mural


Harry: Dirk Nagel

Ellie: Sophia Stratton

Young Artist: Jon-Paul Brookman

Young Male: Kieran Stanley

Young Female: Gabriela Caldas

Behind The Scenes:

BTS Director of Photography: Kieran Stanley

BTS Location Sound Recordist: Hayden Huynh

BTS Gaffer: Bushra Khanum

BTS Editor and Colourist: Anita Hampson

BTS Sound Mixer: Hayden Huynh


Witer and Director: Madeline Bezic

Producers: Jan Reodique, Madeline Bezic

Executive Producers: Renee Brack, Antony Cirocco

1st Assistant Director: Sybil Mendonca

Director of Photography: Eric Sumleethong

1st Assistant Camera: Anita Hampson

Location Sound Recordist: Anthony Warland, Mateo Gomez

Gaffer: Kieran Stantley, Eric Sumleethong

Art Director: William Kun

Soundtrack Recordist and Mixer: Hallelujah Lantay-Lefkovich

Music Composer: Zheng Lin, Jonathan Bowman Yeend

Pianist: Zheng Lin

Violinist: Jonothan Bowman Yeend

Make-Up Artist: Gabriela Caldas

Set Designers: William Kun, Gabriela Caldas

On Set Photographer: Kieran Stanley

Sound Engineer: Mateo Gomez, Anthony Warland

Graphic Designer: William Kun

Soundtrack Recordist: Halleujah Lantay-Lefkovich, Zheng Lin

Music Composer: Madeline Bezic

Foley Mix: Mateo Gomez, Anthony Warland

Editor and Colourist: Mila Gunawan

Casting Directors: Jan Reodique, Madeline Bezic.

Film not available.


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



Recommended Citation

Bezic, M., Gomez, M., Khanum, B., Kin, W., Oei, M., Reodique, J., Sumleethong, A., & Warland, A. (2020). Shattered Mural [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.