Cull The Gods [Game]


Hamish Regg (Recording Engineer), Leon Lao (Artist).

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Windows 10, Unreal Engine 4.25.3


Through fast paced, skill-oriented combat Cull the Gods gives the player the chance to live out their all powerful, god slaying fantasy when they battle opposing deities. Using the might of their sword, skill and determination they tackle the challenge of culling the gods that plague the world. Only those who are truly worthy can complete this challenge.

It is a third person arcade styled beat ‘em up which the gameplay is more focused on skilled timing and fast paced combat. There are too many "gods" that exist within mankind and are destroying the fabric of the world with their constant fighting. In a last attempt to restore peace to the world, you are chosen by a divine being and given the ability to deflect any incoming attack, in order to cull the god


Cull the Gods:

Programming by Brnjamin Gulliver, Kevin Tse Kai Wai, Neo Sengythunh, Natash Alameddine.

Installation Instructions: Download the .ZIP file, extract it, then run the "CullTheGods.exe" file and enjoy!


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



Recommended Citation

Alameddine, N., Gulliver, B., Sengythinh, N., Tse Kai Wai, K. (2020). Cull The Gods [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.