Christian Alba (External voice-over), MOMO and Sumika Masubuchi (External Linguistics: Transcription/Translation - Japanese).

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Izanagi, All-Powerful God of Life and Creation initially views Earth as a lowly planet, comparing it to the World of Nature. He imposes his will of power to a human being, who he sees and names as a “mere mortal”.

It is with this imposition of Izanagi’s that three wishes are unknowingly decided to be as proof of his power to the human, the first of which is to be a form of life as great as the sun, shining and providing light and happiness. Izanagi begrudgingly grants it, questioning its value in changing Earth.

A second wish is made from the now greater form of the sun and former human being, to be a form stronger than the grounds that they had once stood upon, giving a sense of wonder. Izanagi, once again granting their wish, questions their capability of beholding the lands and seas.

Conclusively, the third and final wish has Izanagi realise the errors of his ways alongside onset envy of wanting the mere mortal to use more his power. However, the lifeform of natural strength and greatness chooses to be human again, displeased but accepting, Izanagi grants his wish and leaves Earth to reflect his thoughts.


YUGEN Credits:

Kousha Kavoosi: Creator, Writer/Editor, Producer, Audio Engineern Composer

Olivier Pujol: Creative Liaison

Christian Alba: External voice-over talent

‘MOMO’ and Sumika Masubuchi: External Linguistic Transcription/Translation (Japanese).

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General (G) - suitable for everyone


English and Japanese

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Kavoosi, K., Pujol, O. (20201). YUGEN [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.