The Grey Album [EP]


Julia Goyen

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This project is a 6-song EP of Beatles covers. It is a collaboration with many up-and-coming Sydney artists, as well as some others more familiar with the scene, and attempts to demonstrate several different genres. It was recorded with a vast range of engineering techniques that were representative of different time periods and styles of the Beatles’ work. This includes tracks recorded live in the studio, recorded to tape, and heavily edited in post production. The concept for this album came from a late-night conversation with a fan of Jeff Beck’s performance on the album “In My Life”. I very quickly fell in love with Sir George Martin’s work and was inspired to create a product of such calibre. I see this project as a tribute to the band that sparked my adoration for listening to and making music. It was an honour to record, mix and master their music in a new light and see friends and colleagues give their own take on music that is so personal to me. - Creator.


The Grey Album [EP] Track Listing:

01 Because

02 Eleanor Rigby

03 Something

04 All my loving

Julia Goyen: Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Isabella Ali-khan: Album artwork

Musicians: Ben Dupree, Karl Aquaviva Fernandes, Phan Sjarif, Bernadette McCoy, Joey McCoy, Justin McCoy, Minnie McCoy, Molly McCoy, Rob Lowry, Andrew Read, Jonno Read, James Seymour, Lucy Jak-Lax, India Sweeney, Julia Goyen, Lachlan McDonald, Alex Tunnicliffe

Arrangements by: Julia Goyen, Ben Dupree, Karl Aquaviva Fernandes, Phan Sjarif, Joey McCoy, Justin McCoy, Rob Lowry, Andrew Read, Jonno Read, James Seymour, Lucy Jak-Lax, India Sweeney

CD duplication: Alex Rengel at DiskBank


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EP availble via SoundCloud:

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Goyen, J. (2015). The Grey Album [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.