Chains of Fate [Game Design]


Luke Mafrici (SFX & Foley), Matthew McCarthy (Soundtrack, Composition), Irini M (Character Animator, Designer), Jordan Spencer (Junior Environment Artist, Concept Artist), Luke Archbold (Programing), Rathsophea Sokomar (Scrum Master), Tim Pearson (Programer), Geralt Franke: (Lead Programmer).

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Software: Unity Engine 2021.2.5f1, Yarnspinner, FMOD, Aesprite


Aspiring to make the world a better place, Zeke, following in the footsteps of his Father, leads a reinforcement deployment from his home country of Galla to support him in the front lines, seeking to earn Honour and Glory by fighting alongside him. When asked to murder a defenceless villager, a choice costs him more than just his arm, but his sense of purpose and direction.

Fleeing from that way of life to avoid brining shame to himself, Zeke casts himself to fate and into a river, that carries him away from a life that no longer seems possible to have. An old Artificer finds him, and grafts a replacement arm to his body, made of pure Klearite, a precious metal that reacts to the will of the wielder. Zeke must now find the strength and resolve to overcome his inner demons, to make himself stronger and learn that what future you think you have, may never be the one you are dealt.

Along the way, He will uncover the reason the war for Klearland is happening, why his Kingdom of Galla is attacking others, and how it is affecting the lives of the people he would have never meet. Learning that wars affect more than the lives of people when Baan’jo the Forest Spirit joins him, and after Maria joins, learns that the drive to continue on despite your past, is strength to do more for your ideals than preparing for them.


Chains of Gate [Game : Content Showcase)

Game Director: Charlie Wall, Tea Cosmas

Creative Director, Animator: Megan Sanelli

Creative Directive, UI Lead: Kyle Beaton

Game Designer, Lead Writer: Jacob Clements

Installation instructions: Download from external website (181 MB)


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Beaton, K., Clements, J., Cosmas, T., Sanelli, M., & Wall, C. (2022). Chains of Fate [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.