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‘For the Love Official Music Video’ is a collaborative process between Music producer Anthony ‘Stay Nice’ Martino & Filmmaker Hano Kotevski, The artists on the track are Tumi The Be, immi.grant & Whosane Hujale.

The music video was produced as part of a PR strategy, releasing the Music Video as well as the ‘For The Love’ single at the same time, which will be followed by the album release ‘Melodramatic – Stay Nice’ on the 10th October 2019.

The music video also provides an additional track & verse, produced and recorded by Anthony ‘Stay Nice’ Martino, performed by Roshni Rebecca.

The music video pays homage to a hip-hop style of music video filmmaking, with a gritty urban landscape, reflective of the track’s genre. The producers also experiment with a splitscreen layout, guiding the audience through a funky, non-jarring, experience of musical storytelling. The production took place in Brisbane & the Byron Bay Community Theatre, which provided the opportunity to contrast the original track and its additional ‘bonus’ verse. There is intention to combine the 2 ‘versions’ on an interactive platform, providing the viewer the choice of following the ending of the original tracks music video or the ‘alternative ending’ performed by Roshni Rebecca.



For The Love - Stay Nice | Official Music Video


Audio Producer: Anthony ‘Stay Nice’ Martino

Film Producer: Hano Kotevski

Concept: Hano Kotevski & Anthony ‘Stay Nice’ Martino

Director: Hano Kotevski

Director of Photography: Cons Quast

First Assistant Director: Damien Twomey

Artists: Tumi The Be, Immi.grant, Whosane Hujale, Roshni Rebecca

All-rounder: Danny Goncalves.


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes




Barkley, G. (2009, October 27). Crazy (Official Video) [Video]. YouTube.

Recommended Citation

Martino, A., & Kotevski, H. (2019). For The Love [Official Music Video] [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University College]. Creo.