Isaac Ferguson


Paulo Billic Karlo (Model), Sew Byron (Seamstress), Next State Print (Fabric Printing).

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Ferg Shirts is a clothing company with the objective of ethical production, sustainable practices and unique textile designs. I brought this company to life by designing the brand identity, designing textiles that were printed and made into shirts, and then marketing these products on a website and social media. This also involved taking photos of the shirts being worn, and animations. The ultimate goal of the project when complete was to have 3 shirts created from the printed fabric, social media and website to use as marketing channels, a brand identity and brand guidelines as well as content creation to use as marketing material. Typically shirts are marketed toward a specific age, gender or ‘look,’ however, I wanted to create and market my shirts in the most accessible and approachable way. They are ‘gender neutral’ designs and when marketed on my website and social media, will be shown on people of different shapes, sizes, and gender identities. I kept the concept of being an ‘everybody’ shirt company in the forefront of my mind throughout the whole process. Caring about the individuals who will wear my shirts was one thing, but being conscious of the environment was another. All the shirts were designed and created locally, the buttons on two of the three shirts are coconut shells, and the offcuts of fabric were made into accessories to avoid wastage


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Ferguson, I. (2019). Ferg Shirts [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.