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The Shape of Change is the first episode of a documentary series which focuses on the alternative and more sustainable materials used in the construction of surfboards, as well as giving an overall view on the current sustainability of the surf industry. Every episode will be filmed in a specific region of the world, with this specific project, the first episode, being filmed in Australia and New Zealand. Through interviews with local shapers of the region addressed, the viewer is going to learn about the materials they are using as well has the main current issues in the surfboard industry. Local surfers will give their personal view on the boards and their thoughts about the sustainability of those. The feedback of the surfers and the knowledge of the shapers will create the necessary awareness for surfers to be more conscious about their choice regarding surfboards.


The Shape of Change [Documentary Series]

Title: Episode 1; Australia & New Zealand

Documentary Crew and Participants:

Film Director: Jan Constantin Quast

Film Producer: Jan Constantin Quast

Fim Assitant Producer: Hano Kotevski

Cinematographer: Jan Constantin Quast

Underwater photography: Taylor van Essen

Drone footage: Leo Becker, Ines Goret

Editor: Jan Constantin Quast

Editor Assistant: Hano Kotevski

Interviewee 1: Gary McNeill

Interviewee 2: James Skivington

Interviewee 3: Jack Candlish Surfer; Jye Whyatt

Audio: Jan Constantin Quast


General (G) - suitable for everyone



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Constantin Quast, J. (2019). The Shape of Change: Episode 1 Australia and New Zealand [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.