Josh Marshall (Graphics Designer), Ashley Brown (Performer).

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Windows 10, Unity 2017.3.1f, Visual Studio 2017, 3DS Max 2018, Substance Painter 2018.2, Audacity 2.1.3, Photoshop CC 2018


Remembrance seeks to tell the tale of a father who, after experiencing the loss of his family, travels in a downward spiral of grief. Through a powerful and deep story full of world building and background information, the player will traverse the family home of David, our protagonist. Open to the interpretation of players, the game design will mould a story that follows a set idea but allows personalisation. From cinematic moments to quiet pondering, the player will have opportunities to explore profound thoughts - with the possibility of the game becoming a tool to assist users suffering from mental health issues that are parallel to the game.

While elements of the game may seem traumatic and dark, a positive turn of events with deep underlying meaning create an environment in which the darkness turns into a reinforcement of will and acceptance for David and, hopefully, for the player as well.



Creative Director, Lead Programmer: Troy Martens

Producer, Programmer: Brady Johnston

Game Designer, 3D Modeller: Matthew Von Wilpert

Programmer: Ben Houghton

Narrative designer, Video producer: Sacha Lamont

Graphic Designer: Josh Marshall

Voice Actors:

Ashley Brown as David

Shay Jagger as Steve

Abigail Bwennet as Emily

*Webpage version of game requires donation.


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Houghton, B., Johnston, B., Lamont, S., Martens , T., Parker, N., & Von Wilpert, M. (2018). Remembrance [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.