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Every Click has its revenge.......

Billy, an ex-cop, discovers his secret lover has been brutally murdered. After tracking down the culprit online, he sets out to exact revenge.


The point and click of no return [Film Credits]


Billy: SamSon

Assaliant: Sean Hunter

Gale: Kimberley Krinke


Director/Producer: Jamey Brown

Director of Photography: Alfonzo Lizana

Producer: Simon Hering

Executive Producer: Sacha Lamont

Co-Writer: SamSon

Assistant Producer: Bethany Stoke

Assistant Director: Jaden Bowen

Production Designer: Ashleigh Linsdell

Script Supervisor: Robinson Clark

1st Assistant Cameraman: Mitch Hourigan

2nd Assistant Cameraman: Taylor Pettigrew, Alfred Naupoto

Key Gaffer: Euan Paterson

Gaffer: Damien Grealy

Key Grip: Christopher Mackay

Grip: Daniel Walsh, Camilla Dan Walsh

Production Sound Design: Sean Maguire Kristie

SPFX Make Up: Owen, Sonja Howard Josh

Editor: L’efevre Fahad

Assistant Editor: Yousaf Jordan

VFX Supervisor: Howard Lauren

Colourist: Main

Location Manager: Lisa Taylor King Shay

Sound Design Supervisor: Jagger Adam

Foley Artist: Higginson

ADR Recordist: Jaxon Arundell

Final Mixer: Patrick Duck

Assistant Sound Design: Joseph Cowan

Composer: Kai Engel

Storyboard Artist: David Russell

Poster Artwork: Meryll Holloway

BTS Photo: Camilia Dan Walsh

Emoji Artwork: Applypix


Mature Accompanied (MA15+) - moderate impact language/themes, includes moderate sex scenes/drug use, restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Brown, J., Herring, S., Lamont, S., Linsdell, A., & Lizano, A. (2018). The Point & Click of No Return [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.