Andrew Ravuna (Actor), Julian McHutchison (Film Producer), Euan Paterson (Director of Photography), Declan Kindness (Editor), Chloe Irving (Film Associate), Jonelle Christensen (Assistant Director), Katelyn Hamilton (Camera Assistant), Mitch Hourigan (Camera Assistant), Kate Jorgensen (Costume Designer), Uyen Bui (Make-up Artist), Yi Tung Hong (Singer), How Tung Hsieh (Recording Engineer), Fu Ruei Lu (Pianist), Yu Fan Huang (Guitarist), Robert Westlake (Film-set builder), Robert Kindness (Film Props).

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Moving Image (e.g. animations, movies, television programs)

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124MB; 3:53 min


Room is a collaborative project made by both audio and film students. The purpose is to encourage young adults maintaining a positive attitude towards the obstacles in life, as a reminder of ‘there is always a way to relieve stress'.

Composed by Ching, the song ‘Room’, is distinguished as funk fusion. The rhythm of funk is constantly suggesting joy and cheerfulness which can be used as a tool to manipulate audience emotion and body capacity. By spruiking the benefits of funk music, that is to say, to convey the energy within the groove push forward audiences to dance yet feel cheerful and relieved.

The music video directed by Chantal Chan aims to highlight the contradiction of traditional funk stereotype (i.e. group appearance, sexual interaction engagement) by steering toward a solo engagement visually. The theme color in this music video is orange as the semiotics and effects of color orange represent energy and happiness. Also, to show how the audio and visual can be a perfect tool used together to influence people emotions.


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Chan, S., Hsu, C., Tsang, T., & Zhang, Z. (2018). KIRIN Productions : Room [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.