Jeremy Parsonson


Aimee Moy (interview), Jake Reston (interview), Deena Lynch (interview and supplied images), Emily Green (interview), Cara Sanders (interview), Shannon Toth (interview and supplied images), Keaton Hentoff-Killian (interview and supplied images).

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For my final project I wanted to have two final outputs - one printed and one digital. The project was planned and designed to occur in two stages. The website would have periodic postings of artists in the weeks building up to the publication of the magazine. This was intended to build interest and an audience for the final magazine publication.

The magazine itself features local artists of the Brisbane region. These include visual artist, musicians and performers. The magazine hopes to expose and promote local artists to the wider community and encourage support and interaction with and between these local artists. Overall the website and magazine work cohesively and have the desired aesthetic and impact I intended for them. I was able to collaborate with several artist to create a projects that I believe presents very well. The design is sleek and minimal but also has bursts of colour and strong design choices with regards to imagery and typography. - Creator.


Clover [Magazine] contents:

004. Aimee Moy

008. Jake Reston

012. Jaguar Jonze

016. Garden Sessions

020. Owlet

024. Shannon Toth

028 Keaton Henton-Killian.


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



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Parsonson, J. (2018). Clover [Bachelor's Major Project,SAE University College]. Creo.