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Canaal - Worship:

This is a 4 track EP featuring live instrumentation and 6 vocalists. It draws its inspiration from Gospel music both thematically and aesthetically. It also draws from the sounds of Hip-Hop, Soul, Neo-Soul, R&B, and Jazz. Canaal formed as a 2 piece soul duo (William Su’a Latu, Mitchell Jay) almost 5 years ago. Starting with lo-fi beat production and very much drawing their influences from the likes of J. Dilla, D’Angelo, The Roots, Slum Village, Frank Ocean and many more. Coming into the realm of live instrumentation has really aided shaping their sound into something much more progressive and unique.

G Lounge Mixtape:

The G Lounge Mix is an eclectic mix of music from Neo-Soul, Nu-Soul, Hip Hop, Lounge, Jazz, Minimalist, Rap, and R&B. Featuring 5 different artists from the east coast of Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney). These are all productions produced under one of my alias’ Mblsh (Embellish). As a beat maker I have been exploring minimalism influenced by Erik Satie, Phillip Glass, J. Dilla and Hiroshi Yoshimura.



Ash Saron (Assistant Capture Engineer – Worship)

Dan Wolsner (Keys – Worship)

Nathan Macgregor (Drums – Worship)

William Su’a Latu (Vocals – Worship)

ALI the GREAT (Vocals – Worship)

Rui Da Cruz (Vocals – Worship)

Sah Ghee (Vocals – Worship)

D.C.P. (Vocals – Worship)

Bailari (Vocals – Worship)

Nell Madden (Vocals – G Lounge Mix)

Kriz (Vocals – G Lounge Mix)

Jheli Emmet (Vocals – G Lounge Mix)

Rinae Ganiatson (Vocals – G Lounge Mix)

Jimmy Yox (Vocals – G Lounge Mix)

Canaal Worship Track List:

Canaal: Bledded Be (Feat. Bailari)

Canaal: Give Me Courage

Canaal: Hesitation (feat. Ali the GREAT, Sah Ghee, ...)

Canaal: Spirit Stay Free (feat. Rui Da Cruz)

G Lounge Mixtape Track List:

Jehli: Lord & Lady

Jimmy Yox: Livin' My Dream

Kriz: Inspire

Nell: Someday

Rinee: Bug


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Mitchell, S., & Sharon, A. (2019). Canaal - Worship/G Lounge Mix Vol 1 [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.