Matthew Kirwan


Tom Meo (Sound Effects, Foley).

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“Tel” is a traditionally animated teaser trailer to promote a series of short animations for my own future projects. The teaser trailer uses 2D and 3D elements together, experimenting in Blender and Blender’s new Grease Pencil feature.

Tel will be an adventure/comedy animated series. The teaser trailer is action based with no dialogue, using pantomiming, cinematography, music and foley work to drive the narrative. This will be a recurring theme for the episodes leaving what happens open to interpretation to the audience.

By not using dialogue, this requires me to tell a story through the acting, actions and staging of the scenes.

For the teaser trailer, I aimed for something more exciting and slapstick to build interest for the series, where the series will keep this theme while but also touch on more nuanced and acting scenes to pull a sense of empathy from the audience.

Focusing on my interest in storytelling, cinematography and worldbuilding, this project has set the stage for something I would like to continue as a passion of mine while also pushing myself further with my animation capabilities and forcing me outside of my comfort zone.



Matthew Kirwan: Concept Art, Writing, Storyboard/Animatic, 3D sculpting, Environment creation, Animation and Marketing.

Tom Meo: Audio engineering, Foley, Editing.


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Kirwan, M., & Meo, T. (2019). Tel [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.