Aurum [Game]


Tim (Unreal Engine programmer), Shaily (Enviornment concepts), Laim (Environment concepts), Jorge (Character Aniamtion).

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Unreal Engine, 3Ds Max, Maya, ZBrush, Substance painter, Fmod, Pro Tools


Aurum is a 3D fantasy/adventure game made in Unreal Engine.

The planet Aurum has a core of crystal, covered in jungle and ocean. Aurum is inhabited by the Tamacari, a tribal civilization, who use magic in everyday life. Valda a young hunter in training. As the animals and plants begin to be drained of life even the fish and water become unusable around her tribe, she decides to try and save her home from this strange affliction. When Valda goes out alone she finds there is more to this affliction than first thought and a twisted magic is corrupting her tribe and the planet. Valda must find the source of this magic and heal the planet if she is to save her home and the planet Aurum, to do so she needs to activate the five ancient guardians built by the old light.



Jordan Lee: Project Lead, character concepts, character and asset sculpting and texturing.

Morgan Stevens-Reidy: Character rigging and animation.

Justin Dando: Sound design, Composer, Audio implimentation

Tristan Dunlop: Environment sculpture, modeller, texturing, level asset placement.

*Download Zip from Webpage to access game.


Mature Accompanied (MA15+) - moderate impact language/themes, includes moderate sex scenes/drug use, restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Dando, J., Dunlop, T., Lee, J., & Stevens-Reidy, M. (2019). Aurum [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.