Jack Nicholson (Graphic Design).

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Unreal Engine 4.23, Blender 2.8, Houdini 17.529, Maya 18, Motion Builder 2019, Substance Painter 2019, Meshroom, Instant Mesh, Materialize, Adobe Creative Suite 2019, Nuke x10.5v2, Pro Tools 12, Davinci Resolve, Axis Neuron v3.0.0.0, Nikon DSLR , Motion Capture, Perception Neuron V1


Beyond The Pale is a photorealistic cinematic game trailer set in the Northern Irish countryside during “The Troubles”. This was a period of time when Ireland was struggling politically and religiously with the possibility of independence from Britain. Our main characters are SAS soldiers that are tracking an IRA fighter, however, the SAS troops encounter mythological creatures (werewolves) with powers that greatly outweigh their own fighting might. The soldiers get ambushed along a narrow dark stretch of road. The soldiers are confused as they are surrounded by fog and the rear point soldiers get taken. The squad lead tells the last soldier to run away as he attempts to handle the situation himself. The main soldier turns and runs away to a nearby cottage where he finds the injured IRA solider, they were tracking. The IRA soldier is abruptly pulled through the roof and the werewolves attack the main soldier. After being pulled back through the door, he is swiftly killed.


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



Recommended Citation

Casmenco, C., Llacuna, A., Van Eearde, I., & Wheeler, S. (2019). Run Stop Die : Beyond The Pale [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.