Lobster Dog : E&CU [Game]

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Unity Engine, Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, DAW - Nuendo, TAL Reverb, FabFilter Pro-C2


Warm sun, open fields.. tea! You are a repurposed war robot with a new goal, to farm, to care for animals and to learn new emotions in Eleanor and Combat Unit (CU for short.) After working hard for the day enjoy a nice warm cup of tea with Eleanor and hear her amazing stories. As CU learns more emotions they get increasingly better at performing the tasks Eleanor sets for them! With multiple tasks to complete, you get to experience what it’s like caring for animals, living off the earth and enjoy the warm atmosphere. The game features a fun, calming sound track, warm colours, pleasant vibes and cute animals! So what are you waiting for, jump in and experience this handcrafted world! - Creators.


Credit List:

Producer and Game Design: William Haumann

Programmer and Creative Lead: Dylan Daniels

Animator and Artist: Jeleesa Johannessen

UI Artist: Tia Robertson

Audio: TJ Nicholas

Marketing: Krystal Rose


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Daniels, D., Johannessen, J., Haumann, W., Nicholas, TJ., Robertson, T., & Rose, K. (2020). Lobster Dog : E&CU [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.