Flew and Flog [Game]

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Abobe Photoshop (2019), Adobe After Effects (2019), Adobe Premiere (2019), Unity (2019.2.0f1), Pro Tool (2018.1.0), Reaper (5.973), Wwise (2019.1.1), WAV 24/48 (PCM) mp4/H.264 (1920px x 1080px) RBG


Flew and Flog is an animated 2D coop couch puzzle game.

Follow the adventures of Flew and Flog - the mascots of TooTTer, as they take out their replacement, Fugue. TooTTer decided that they needed a new mascot and wanted to change it up and the fans of TooTTer love the new design

Flew and Flog HATE these changes and try everything they can to stop them from happening. They enter into the digital realm to get into the dark web and change everyone’s Toots, and hopefully their minds, about Fugue replacing them.


Flew and Flog Credits:

Bryn Jenkins: Project Lead, Designer, Programmer

Viola Chen: Creative Lead, Artist

Alison Evans: Artist, Animator

Thomas Meo: Audio


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Chen, V., Evans, A., Jenkins, B., & Meo, T. (2019). Flew and Flog [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.