Metamorphosis [Album]

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This album was created to attract the old and young generations to different styles of music.

This album was created by two members only, Julian Michel and Mohammed Ayad. We hoped to bring both music worlds together and achieve great lengths for our listeners. We started our album by recording our modern original tracks first and completing all the recordings and mix/mastering. After that was completed, we then began with our acoustic remixes and recorded all our live instrumentations and vocals. We made sure to take videos and photos of our journey and recording process to share with the viewers on social media.

We prioritised completing the music contracts for our musicians and had them sign them before recording. We aimed to complete all our tracks by week 8, but with some delays in our mixing and mastering, we ended up finishing the tracks by week 10. Overall, we completed all the tasks that were needed for the project and were able to finish on time. - Creators


Metamorphosis [Credits]

Julian Michel (Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Artist, and group leader) Wrote the lyrics to the tracks and is the main vocalist on all 8 tracks. Also in charge of group work and making sure all jobs are done and completed on schedule. In charge of musician contracts as well. Producer of all 8 tracks.

Mohammed Ayad (Co- Producer, Sound Engineer, Graphic designer, and Video editor) Co-Producer of all 8 tracks, Main audio engineer for recording and mic setup for live instrumentation. In charge of all graphic designs, album cover, logo, etc. Editor of all videos used to promote our project and use in the showcase.

Julian and Mohammed: Marketing, Social Media

Armando Lopez Moreno: Musician for live recording

Vesela Tzeneva: Musician for live recording, Violinist
Brooklyn Melodies Music Center: Venue for live recording
Alessio Luigi Ottaviani: Sound Engineer.
Cherine Alto: Vocalist.


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Michel, J., & Ayad, M. (2016). Metamorphosis [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.