Opposer: The Bottom Of It All [Album]

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Melbourne metalcore 5-piece outfit, Opposer, have written a full length LP, “Bottom Of It All” due for full stream release the 6th May. With Damon Bredin composing complex melodies, tight riffs and experimental tunings, Opposer are ready to step up from their first EP “Revelations”. Opposer started as a Tasmanian Metalcore band 4 years ago, today a Melbourne Metalcore band showing maturity and an eagerness to cement themselves in the scene. Members of Opposer, vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons, as well as guitarists Damon Bredin and Michael Petritsch all are members of 6-piece deathcore act, Gravemind. Opposer is the band they started their musical careers, and felt Bottom Of It All had to be produced to show their advance over the years and show appreciation to their fans.

Bottom Of It All was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at High Tide Studios by Anthony Pallas and Laurence Appleby.


Opposer: The Bottom Of It All [Album]

Dylan Gillies-Parsons: Vocals

Aden Young: Guitarist

Michael Petrisch: Bassist

Damon Bredin: Lead Guitarist

Anthony Pallas: Drums

Track Listing:

1. Void

2. It's A Shame Aunty Shaz Got Done With Meth, This One's For You Shaz

3. Stone Cold Steve Davies

4. Everlaster

5. Nothing Left To Say

6. Eclipse

7. Song 3 (Ft. Michael Petritsch of Gravemind)

8. The Frame

9. Clockwork Margaret

10. Liam Neeson (Ft. Alex Reade of Drown This City)

All music written by Damon Bredin. Lyrics by Dylan Gillies-Parsons. *Liam Neeson - Guest Vocals by Alex Reade of Drown This City *Song 3 - Guest Vocals by Michael Petritsch of Gravemind

Other Sources:

Doug of Dream Crusher Designs - Graphic Designer - Artwork

Alex Reade - Website consultant

Chris McAlpine - Fellow Engineer to provide feedback along the process of recording album.


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Appleby, L., & Pallas, A. (2016). Opposer: The Bottom Of It All [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.