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Ryan Kevin Brennan (Guest), Matthew Giovannangelo (Guest); Davey Goh (Mentor), Jess Nyanda Moyle (Guest); Neal, Mark (Guest); Julian Peet (Guest).

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On the same Wavelength is a podcast/vodcast that is primarily focused on learning more about members of the Perth music scene. Each episode is hosted by Angus McLean and features a guest that is somehow involved in the music scene of Perth

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Summary: The episodes go for between 30 minutes and an hour, with the topics of conversation varying from their experiences in the music industry, to their advice for other people hoping to get involved somehow. Each episode is filmed using a three camera setup, with a wide shot and a close up on each person on camera. The episodes are then recorded on a set that has been designed and built on campus. After filming, the episodes are edited, mixed and mastered, before being released to the public using YouTube and Spotify.


Angus McLean (Project Lead) - Producer - Artist liaison - Host - Creative director - Social media manager - Set designer.

Brad Watson (Audio Lead) - Audio mix and master (episodes 1-4) - Sound design (episodes 1-4) - Set design.

Jack Farago (Design Lead) - Website design - Branding - Asset design - Set design (primary)

Jarred Brough (Audio Secondary) - On set recording - Audio monitoring and setup - Audio mix and master (episode 5) - Sound design (episode 5) - Set design.

Connor Wheeler (Film) - Camera operation and setup - Data wrangling - Film editor - Colour grading - Highlight editing - Set design.

Daniel Villa - Camera operation and setup - Lead Highlight editing - Set design

Davey Goh - Mentor - Quality Control.

Still Image: On The Same Wavelength:


Mature Accompanied (MA15+) - moderate impact language/themes, includes moderate sex scenes/drug use, restricted to 15+



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McLean, A. (2022). On The Same Wavelength [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University College]. Creo.