Vanilla Moon: Shanelle Got Married Tomorrow (Official Music Video)


Green Lamp Media, Vanilla Moon (Band), Nick Hatzakos (Audio Engineer), Nick Constantine (Audio Engineer).

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A music video for local sydney band Vanilla Moon about Mike waking up after a party and realising it is his ex girlfriend’s wedding day. Feeling nostalgic, he goes through flashbacks of their relationship through the good times with Shanelle, while she is at her wedding getting married to her partner Dustin. After the wedding, she is at the wedding reception and Mike and bandmate Klecky, break into the wedding and spend the day at the wedding. All throughout this, we have cutaways to the band playing in numerous locations with instruments. Meanwhile at the wedding, they are in key parts of the wedding also playing instruments and Mike is drinking is bitterness away, while trying to deal with the fact that Shanelle has moved on and left him and trying to get attention from the people at the wedding but he appears to go unnoticed. He keeps having flashbacks throughout the song and their relationship goes from being sweet and innocent to being poisoned by arguments and fighting and the flashbacks turn negative when the father of the bride John, keeps stumbling on traces of Mike’s presence. John finally sees Mike on the dance floor and punches him, as he falls, we cut to Mike falling into the same spot he woke up, in the backyard and he is laying on the grass “waking up” giving the impression that it was all a dream until the bride’s bouquet is revealed on the grass.


Vanilla Moon: Shanelle Got Married Tomorrow (Official Music Video)

Directed by Michael Kuhle, Josh Cee

Written by Josh Cee

Produced by Rami Slayman

Executive Producers: Michael Kuhle, Josh Cee


Shanelle: Sarah Broadfield

Mike: Michael Kuhle

Klecky: Joshua Kleckin

John: Phil Hastings

Dustin: Michael Giglio

Associate Producers: Lauren Chiovenda, Aaron Di Pietro

Cinematographer: Josh Cee

Camera Operator: Kavin Gatica, Josh Cee

1st AC: Jack Fitzgerald

Gaffer: Josh Cee

Best Boy: Jack Butterfield

Music By: Vanilla Moon

Sound Recordists: Nick Hatzakos, Nick Constantine

Editor: Joshua Relunia, Michael Kuhle

Colourist: Josh Cee, Rami Slayman

Production Designers: Rami Slayman, Lauren Chiovenda

Titles: Thomas Grozdanovski

Extras: Angela Taylor Nick Constantine Jasmine Phabmixay Kevin Amid Yacub Zulkifli Madeline Drake Jack Cranney Damon Williams David Sammy Special thanks Perry Iliopoulos Jake Collett Nick Hatzakos Nick Constantine Hiba Batta Brad Crawford Steven Kuhle.


General (G) - suitable for everyone



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Cee, J., Kuhle, M., Relunia, J & Slayman, R. (2018). Vanilla Moon: Shanelle Got Married Tomorrow [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University Collegee]. Creo.