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V 3.4


GAMMA (elderly woman) is sitting in her kitchen with a forlorn expression, the hum of an oven behind her as she stares blankly ahead. The oven chimes and she retrieves her freshly baked cookies, dipping one into a glass of milk, but still she stares ahead, blankly. Her eyes turn to the kitten calendar in her kitchen, and she sees a circled date approaching.

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1st Assistant Camera: Tyler Lindsay-Smith, Adam Watson, Mike Coughran, & Kent Bayquen

2nd Assistant Camera: Andrew Nottage

Assistant Editor: Aidan Easton

Continuity: Andrew Stodart

Colour-grading: Gia Vu

Production Assists: Flavia Lane Fry, Tyler Pavey

Score: Matthew Skinner, Will Creed

Sound Design: Matthew Skinner, Will Creed, Chutwat Thammachat

Sound Recordists: Matthew Skinner, Will Creed

‘STARLiT’ Games Creative Director and Animations: Jay Pola
'STARLiT’ PVP Game: Phu Nguyen
‘GAMMA’, ‘KATPLAYS’, and ‘STARLiT’ logos: Kiara McIlroy
STARLiT Posters/Splash Art: Isabella Mann
End Credit Animations: Kerri-Lyn Turner Tournament Extras: Matthew Harms, Tristan Mansell, Aarno van Tonder, Rhys Flint, Victor Sullivan, Morgan Dyson Special thanks too: Niel and Liezl Maartens, Jessie Laurie, Sam Cutri, Kim McAvoy, Indi Williams, James Garces, Lucas Barnes, Joshua and Abi Maartens, Matthew Harms, Rebecca Lakis-Smith, Aidan Easton, Andrew Nottage, Aymeric Futol, Tyler Pavey, Luke Parker, Victoria Mendes, Razer Gaming Technology, Dragon Forged Shop on Etsy.


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



Recommended Citation

Maartens, G., Stodart, A., Lucas, C., Vu, G., Renzullo, C., Nottage, A., & Parker, L. (2021). GAMMA [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.