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Welcome to Déployer, the art and design magazine. In each edition our mission is to showcase several artists and a collection of their works in a planned quarterly release.

Our magazine is different! Our pages fold out into a poster you can keep for yourself. - (Extract from magazine insert).


Introduction by Eliot Bronson page 4-5

Gemma O'Brien - Featured Artist by Joal Barnes page 6-7

Design Trends By Enina Bicaku page 8-9

Glow Bomb by Sarah Johnson, Sakshi Mittal page 10-14

Muhammed Sajid page 15

Typography: The evolution and importance of Typography in contemporary design by Tony Lanyard page 16-17

Terry Stock: Unveilling Creativity: The rise of the street artists by Jess Invok page 18-23

Alex Knapman: Unveiling the Artistry: Young Designer Attempting to Master the World of Typography by Gale Young page 24-29

Design Vs AI by Laura Single page 38-39

M.I.A Chasing waves and flora by Johanna Duarn page 40-41

Designs by Lous by Amy Fields page 42-49

Angeline Holly: The on-trend freelance graphic designer by Nathan Simpson page50-51

Upcoming Softwares feature: Procreate Dreams by Kylie Oakes page 52-53


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Bayliss, L., Milani, I., Mittal, S. (2023). Deployer: The Design and Art magazine [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University College]. Creo.

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