Jessica Carroll


Codie McCabe (Musician), Damian Town (Musician), Max Anderson (Musician), Joel Sweetman (Musician).

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For my project I filmed and edited two separate music videos for the local Byron Bay band Chilli Gomez. The music videos are for their recent EP release that they recorded here at SAE last trimester by Tim James and Kye Bonventi. The music videos are for their songs Mak Out and The Street. For the song Mak Out, I filmed them at five different gigs around the area and one lifestyle shoot using a Canon 5D mark III and I made the edit in Premiere Pro. For the Mak Out video I really focused on editing to the fast pace of the song to suit the bands genre and style, I also focused on a colour grade that would suit their style as well. For the song ‘The Street’ I filmed the band in the green screen using the Sony FS7 and made the music video using After Effects using the footage and creating animations. I created graphics and aminations to suit the bands genre. The band have been very happy with both results of the music videos. - Creator.


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



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Carroll, J. (2019). Chilli Gomez : Mak Out and The Street [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University College]. Creo.