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We have created an immersive experience, encapsulating a band's live energy and allowing the viewer to feel like they are present and part of a studio session. To achieve this, rather than doing a simple live performance or an EP recording, we decided that a one take live studio session can allow us to capture this.

The audio components remain similar to that of a live performance, where the band were in the same space, miked up and recorded in real time. This allowed us to practice what we've been learning the past trimesters and put our engineering skills to use, capturing the best quality sound we can, so that the potential when mixing and mastering was not limited, and we were able to make the band sound amazing. The video component was another ambitious aspect of this project, working with another discipline to create a visualiser that encapsulated the band’s energy. Having a film student on board who has experience with content creation, lighting effects and general editing has helped immensely, and was crucial to ensuring this project was at the highest quality possible upon submission.

The genre of music recorded heavily influenced the type of equipment we used, with microphones chosen for this being especially particular, considering both genre of music and live application.

We are confident in our ability to create and execute this project and we are excited to see what we will be able to do this trimester. - Creator.



Engineering, Mixing and Mastering: Emad Ghaffar, Toby Chantharasy

Composition, Performers: Jackson Kingsmill, Rohan Bertinat, Eddie Granger, Wangsu Lee

Video Production - Reyne Perry.


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Chantharasy, T., & Ghaffer, E. (2022). Ghost Complex Live Studio Sessions [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.