Miss Fortune and Twisted Fate

Bryan Hong
Regina Wong
Aaron Stanley
Alec Kucy


Synopsis : Miss Fortune & Twisted Fate.

Bryan Adams, a superstitious gambling addict, loses in a game of poker going “all-in”. After a drunken spiral, Bryan the degenerate fumbles back home in a state of alcoholic defeat.

Before getting too comfortable, Tommy Henchman shows up uninvited and shakes Bryan down to his last penny. He is given 3 days to recover the money he owes before inevitable death. He decides to sell all his counterfeit luxury products online in hopes to recover some losses.

Bryan meets Sarah Pinkman after she shows interest in a watch that he posted online. She was dressed luxuriously...with the most dazzling pair of diamond earrings. After flipping a coin, Bryan decides to use his charm and smarts to rob Sarah...not knowing that she has been scheming a heist on him of her own.