Aidan Ranger (Story creator- trailer based on characters and world of his creation), Shailey Brown (After effects water effects), Misaki Brockman (Animation shot 15, shot 14 unused), Andrei Llacuna (Animation shot 6 & 7 unused), Breanna Brzoskowski (Background artist shot 15).

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Society has fallen apart and civilisation as we know it has ended. In an abandoned, flooded and over grown mall, a young man with a large sword peacefully watches the various colourful fish swim in the flooded ground floor of the mall from the dry upper floor. But the boy is being watched by unfriendly eyes. A group of 3 bandits reveal themselves from there shadowy hiding place and attack the young man, presumably to steal his possessions from him, However the young man grins and begins to fight back with near super human strength and speed, blocking bullets fired from ramshackle, scrap metal guns with his immense sword, jumping through the air and over the head of his opponents with extraordinary agility, and smashing bandits to pieces with powerful blows from his blunt, yet weighty blade. The bandits underestimated their pray and one by one they fall. With each kill the young man reveals his blood lust. - Creators.



Animation: Sean O'Donnell, Rhianon Crispin

Audio Engineer: sound effects and soundtrack Connor Armstrong

Story creator: trailer based on characters and world of his creation Aidan Ranger

After effects: Shailey Brown

Animation shot 15, shot 14 unused: Misaki Brockman

Animation shot 6 and 7 unused: Andrei Llacuna

Background artist shot 15: Breanna Brzoskowski.


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

O'Donnell, S., & Crispin, R. (2019). Blood From The Stone [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.