Submitting to Videos

Creo is a secure open archives repository that stores and centralises access to SAE’s institutional knowledge, including learning and teaching resources such as films, video excerpts and other visual works.

Direct submission to this collection is not available.

To request a work be made available in this collection, please complete this form.

Works in this collection will be made available as .mpg, 1920x1080, 25fps, H264codec, with a data rate between 25-35 Mb/sec (The equivalent of a high-quality streaming Youtube or Vimeo video), and to the best of Library's ability will include a transcript/english subtitles. If you require your requested work to be made available at a different resolution, please let the Library know in the Request Details section of the request form.

SAE Institute Australasia Library reserves the right to accept or reject all requests submitted to Creo.