Seasons : A series by Liana and Friends [Audio]


Julia Goyen (Saxophone), Luke Gallen (Flute), Duncan Davidson (Guitar), Phoebe Gilbert (Violin), Ayrton Gilbert (Double Bass), Sandy Gilbert (Piano).

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I love where I live, it's where I grew up and where I plan to stay.

There is something beautiful in each season, every year that I wanted to capture, through music.

Throughout each season there is emotion. There is chaos mixed with peace and struggle blended with happiness.

I had to choose a main instrument that best represented each season, how I hear it. This may or may not be anyone else's interpretation on that particular season but that is exactly why I chose this theme.

The series was free for me to choose what I heard for each season. I may never have the chance to be so musically and creatively free with such a project again so I wanted it just right.

I am very lucky that I had such talented musicians at my fingertips to pursue this project with me. They knew exactly what I wanted and needed and really came through. I hope this series is as relaxing and stirring for you as it is for me. Creator.


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Ford-Gilbert, L. (2015). Seasons : A series by Liana and Friends [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.