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Rats stand for squalor, bad hygiene, crime, illness, misery, and death.

Rats are typical pests in the home that lurk in dark, unclean areas.

the rat is a metaphor for a person or action intricately linked with betrayal.




West: Andrew Miatov

Lily: Katherine Grace

Directed By: Jarrod Coslovich

Written By: Jarrod Coslovich

Produced by: Grace Neave, Kevin McMahon

Location Manager/Casting Director: Daynia Conklin

Camera Department:

Director of Photography: Tegan Mitchley

1st Assistant Camera: Jonathan McIntyre

Camera Operator: Jonathan McIntyre

Assistant Director:

1 Assistant Director: Jordan Westman

2nd Assistant Director: Teddy J Estrada

Sound Department:

Studio Engineer/Location: Mark Caballaro

Sound Engineer/Atoms: Jackson Lister

Sound Engineer/Composer: Taylor Sheahan

Foley Engineer/SFX: Ethan Wupper

Music Department:

1st Violin: Miguel Sonnak

2nd Violin: Mitya Admadi

Viola: Po Wang

Cello: Kayla Flaxman

Production Designer/Marketing Department:

Production Designer: Jordan Pinkis

Marketing Director: Seru Serevi

Runner Department:

Head Runner: Justin Quach

Runner: Jason Mason

Runner: Laurence Jo

Lighting Deaprtment:

Head Gaffer: Pritish Kumar

Assistant Gaffer: Seru Serevi

Post Production Department:

Editor: Jonathan McIntyre

Assistant Editor: Kie Lay

VFX Artist: Lachlan Payne

Colourist: Jack Mason

Make-up Artist: Chantelle Japardi

Special thanks: Brenda Rattray, Michael Spring, Fadi Alameddin, Carolynn Trimmer, Jim Gibson, Edward Mason, Elijah Hargraves, Charles and Nadia Bevilacqua, Brigitte Gibson, Melanie Moore, Suzanne Ford, Haley Miller, Clint Mitchley, Ben Robinson.


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Coslovich, J., Neave, G., McMahon, K., & Conklin, D. (2019). Rats [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.