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Ella is an 18 year old girl who is in her final year of high school. She has been assigned to present a speech in front of her entire english class. Just like most teenagers nowadays, Ella struggles with anxiety; her anxiety causes her the fear of public speaking, social anxiety and causes her to go into panic.

When Ella is in class and is called up to present her speech, she freezes up completely. She isn’t able to build up the confidence to stand at the front of the class. Her teacher , Mr Jensen is the type of teacher to not care about his students at all. He shows up because he has to, not because he wants to. Ella’s two best friends Dylan and Cora are her strongest support system, they help her through the tough times, however they clash with each other as they both help her in completely different ways.

When Ella stands up to walk to the front, she experiences flashbacks to times where she felt anxious, such as making a phone call and her mum refusing to do it for her , trying to concentrate on parking when her friends are arguing and attending a party without her friends. These flashbacks increase Ella’s anxiety in the present moment and isn’t able to function.

As her body forces her to move she starts to have more flashbacks but unlike the other flashbacks, these remind her how she was able to get through them . This gives Ella the strength and confidence to push past the anxiety and just do it. Ella smashes through the speech and is extremely proud of herself that she has completed something she thought she wouldn’t be able to do. However, when Ella looks at the rest of the class, they have all left. Dylan and Cora are extremely proud of her but they regret to inform her that she did the wrong topic for her speech.



Director, Writer: Madison Novak

Producer, Writer, Sound Recordist: Reggie Grace-Knipe

DOP: Andrew Dempsey

1st Camera assistant, titles and prod designer: Zak Soejono

2nd camera assistant, sound recordist, - Julian Heriana

1st AD: Brodie Priest

Editor: Enes Kilicaslan

Colourist, Production assistant: Indigo Ayre, Alex Newport

Gaffer: Joal Taylor

sound recordist: Miguel Calli Trejo, Umang Sharma

Sound Mixer, Sound Design: Raja Asbati, Anurag Sapkota

Composer: Raja Asbati

Make-up Artist: Lucy Goode

BTS Photography: Natalie Baroutha

Poster: Brittany Jones

Logos: One Studio


Ella: Madelaine Hopkins

Cora: Zoe Kundicevic

Jade: Jessica Trueman

Dylan: Amy Fraser

Liz: Danielle Jackson

Mr Jenson: Danny Barton

Ryan: Ryan Stevens


Brodie Priest Julian Heriana Zak Soejono Enes Kilicaslan Madison Novak Alex Newport Georgia Northam Kerrie Grace-Knipe Taylor Steinbruckner Alyssa Novak James Musso Alana Addesso Ryan Stevens Lonk Tazmily Jacob Nakdi Chanda Oli

Special Thanks: Sarah Wais and Bossley Park High school, Hanna Pramuktie and Djoko Heryudhoyonom, Nanette Knipe, Toni Patterson and Andrew Novak.

Trailer runtime: 30 sec.


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



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Novak, M. (2020). Ella [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.