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“Iterations vol. 1” is a collection of music which represents my love for dance music. The tracks are all influenced by different artists and styles, united by the goal of getting the listener moving. Sourcing sounds from organic sources, with a nod to the sounds of the past, the productions are centred around groove and rhythm. While each track approaches these themes in a different way, they are all tied together with samples taken from SOPHA KIT VOL 01, showcasing how usable the pack is for producers of all types. Released in conjunction with SOPHA artists Ryan Viertel and Lachlan Kelly, this EP is the first taste of what’s to come: an exploration of sounds, styles and creative possibilities. -Creator.

"Breaks Tape 01" is a breakdown and reconstruction of all the things I find interesting about underground electronic music. The gritty nature of its origins, the technical ability of the OG producers and pioneers of the time, as well as the critical ear for sound design and sound choices that define the genre. Garage, Jungle and Breakbeat are all obvious influences in my final production, and I believe the groundwork of these genres are heavily present in the work I have presented. I wanted to efficiently capture the magic of these culturally significant genres, and put my own twist on it. I was heavily inspired by Dillinja and Tango on this project. Both masters of their art in their own right, I wanted to take what I found so interesting about their discography, deconstruct it, mess around with it, and try to put it all back together, my own way.


Sopha Sound : Interations vol. 1 [Sound]

Liam Del Prete: Producer, Writer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Adam Mammone: Graphic Designer

Ryan Viertel: Recording Engineer, Producer, Mix Engineer

Charlie Kurthi: Session Drummer, Writer


General (G) - suitable for everyone



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Del Prete, L., Kelly, L., Kurthi, C., Kelly, L., Mammone , A., & Viertel, R. (2021). Sopha Sound [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.