Vantablak Daeth : The Djazz Album [Album]

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“The Djazz Album” is a 6 track progressive metal EP by the band “Vantablak Daeth”. The band is a 3 piece metal band with influences from bands like “Opeth” and “Monuments”. The compositional style of the band is similar to modern metal, but the overall sound of the band is more like traditional progressive metal. The EP is tracked, mixed and mastered using modern production techniques. The instruments were close mic’ed and multi tracked. All of the mixing and mastering was done in the box, using digital processing and effects. The purpose of this project was to experiment and try out different production techniques.


Vantablak Daeth : The Djazz Album

Track Listing:

01 Mojave Express

02 Bloody Mary

03 Petrol Powered Goonbag Cannon

04 How Now Brown Cow

05 Obelisk

Neil Vyass: Recording Engineer

Thomas Campbell: Vocalist, Instrumentalist, Composer

Richard Grimm: Composer, Instrumentalist

Tom Clarke: Composer, Instrumentalist.


Restricted (R 18+) - high impact language/themes, includes vilification, extreme language/violence, restricted to adults



Recommended Citation

Campbell, T., Clarke, T., Grimm, R., & Vyass, N. (2015). Vantablak Daeth : The Djazz Album [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.