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The Forest is a collaborative effort between 2D animator Rebecca A. Jones and musicians Stuart Meyer and Sujahn Shankar.

Through the power of audio-visual media, the Creative Collective team put together a short tale of a girl who is given the choice between going around a vast forest, or cutting through the middle. Upon choosing that the shorter route through the forest, she finds herself lost in a confusing mass of trees and undergrowth. However, she is found by a friendly familiar, who guides her towards the exit of the forest.

Accompanied by excerpts from tracks that can be found in the complete album, the animation is brought to life and is given much deeper levels of meaning.

The themes that the project revolve around are taking risks, loneliness, depression, and the power of companionship. While both animation and album portray these themes in one way or another, they allow the audience a chance to extract their own interpretations from the narratives. - Creators.



Rebecca Jones: Animation

Stuart Meyer: Audio: 6 Tracks, Foley

Sujan Shankar: Audio: 3 Tracks, Foley, Recordings


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Jones, R., Meyer, S., & Shankar, S. (2018). Creative Collective : The Forest [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.