Crimson Keep [Game]


APUG (Audio Team), Claire Protas (Audio), Adam Timol (Audio), Nero Ceresoli (Main Logo).

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Engine - Unity 2018.2.1f1, UI Editing - Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Programming - Visual Studio 2017, Modelling - ZBrush & Maya, Texturing - Substance Painter


Crimson Keep is a turn-based fantasy roguelike set after a horrific apocalyptic plague decimated a medieval town. Only you can take the fight to the King and cleanse the land of the Red Plague

Crimson Keep is a vertical slice of what would be a complete game, given more time. It is not intended to be taken as a complete experience, but rather as a proof of concept.


Tiryon Williams - Project Lead / Level Designer / Asset Creation

Solomon Hartmann - Audio Lead / Asset Creation / Level Designer

Takaaki Kumazawa: Programmer Lead, Pathfinding System, Overworld Map, Event System

Jonothan Orton: Player Stats, Action Point System, Map System, Enemy Controller

Ian Zhou: Lead Animator, Enemy Models, Enemy Animations, Concept Art

Oscar Herry: Player Model, Player Animations, Weapon Models

Delwyn Appiah: Environmental Models, Advanced Texturing, Concept Art.


Parental Guidance (PG) - mild impact language/themes



Recommended Citation

Appiah, D., Hartmann, S., Herry, O., Kumazawa, T., Laimanovska, E., Orton, J., Williams, T., & Zhou, I. (2018). Crimson Keep [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University College]. Creo.