C:\Story [Game]


Dante (Programming).

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Unity Game Engine


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>open Description.txt


- If you are reading this, then you have found a flash drive containing someones story. A story that is at the crux of a few peoples victory, and many more's defeat. This is the story of a choice that one person made, and a choice someone has to make now.

>help, please.

C:\Story is a narrative driven game that has you diving into the secrets of a flash drive via terminal commands! Navigate a maze of folders to dig up the truth of a decision that someone made despite all the risks and damage it would do. Discover what morality truly means when you feel like you have nothing else to do, and finally mark the conclusion that you wish to happen.


C:\Story [Game]

Simon Riber-Nielsen: Author

Aaron Leung: Sound Designer

Music Composer: Rennick Oakley (Audio)

Story Writers: Matteo Moglia, Noran Linggod

Game Desing: Noah Smith


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Hodges, L., Leung, A., Linggod, N., Moglia, M., Oakley, R., Riber-Nielsen, S., & Smith, N. (2022). C:\Story [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University College]. Creo.