2AM Studios : Arkhive [Game]

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During a mission to discover a new habitable planet, the passenger spaceship called The Olympus sent out a distress signal from the orbit of planet 314, code name Athena. Talon Squad has been tasked with investigating the origins of that signal.

You play as Falcon, a member of Talon Squad, as he explores The Olympus with his team to find out what caused the distress signal, but they will soon find out that it may still be aboard...


Arkhive [Game]

Bruce Sandell: Project Lead, 2D Artist & Animation, UI/UX, Marketing

Kevin Om: Scrum, Programming, Marketing

Luke Archbold: Programming Lead

Joshua Luong: Level Design, Game Design

Christopher Rayos: Visual Effects, QA

Salisa Lambert: Character Design & Animation

Polly Stean: Sound Design

Ben Aguis: Music Composer


General (G) - suitable for everyone



Recommended Citation

Agius, B., Archbold, L., Lambert, S., Luong, J., Om, K., Sandell, B., Stean, P., & Rayos, C. (2023). 2AM Studios : Arkhive [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE University College]. Creo